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Published on: March 21, 2011

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If you are a mountain biking fanatic, then Australia is the place to be. There are tons of lengthy nature trails that weave their way through various types of terrain, across multiple cities and national parks. Mountain biking in Australia is a great way to see the amazing landscape while getting a workout and experiencing a serious Australian adventure. Breathe in the fresh Aussie air and get up close and personal with nature while flying across the Australian bush.

In Victoria, Otway Ranges boasts some of the most picturesque mountain biking trails for the ultimate nature lover. On the trails you will pass by forests full of Eucalyptus trees as well as many other forms of native Australian wildlife. Although both mountain bikers and hikers can access the trail, it is most frequented by riders because it was specifically designed for mountain biking. The variety of trails in Otway Ranges offers options for beginners and advanced riders.

For novice riders, there are many simple trails that are not too difficult or advanced. In addition, you do not have to worry about accidentally ending up on an expert trail because each of the trails is marked with a difficulty rating. It is important that you stick to a trail that is within your mountain biking level, because taking a trail that is beyond your abilities can result in you, or others getting hurt.

The trails were designed by an actual professional trail builder, who put time into creating a fun and fast paced trail that expert mountain bikers would enjoy. Expert riders can feel the difference between riding on trails made for mountain bikers and riding on trails made for walkers. These trails were without a doubt made with the avid biker in mind!

There are many National Parks in Australia that are designed to protect the native flora and fauna, but allow some access for members of the public to visit and experience the beautiful nature. In parks like Kinglake National Park there are biking trails that riders can access, but keep in mind that these areas are protected and need to be taken care of. Pick up after yourself and do not be destructive when riding through this area.

Something you will learn as you become more experienced in mountain biking is that it is important to be respectful of your fellow trail users; especially walkers and hikers. Many trails are not meant for exclusive use by mountain bikers, and are often shared with walkers. The Great Dividing Trails in Australia are a great example of beautiful trails that are harmoniously shared between walkers and bikers.

If 250km of trails is not enough for you then you should try out the Bicentennial National trail which stretches out across more than 5,000km of land. Crossing the country on your mountain bike with the wind in your hair and adventure paved out in front of you will be an unforgettable experience. Since the trails are long, the terrain is diverse and will offer countless photo ops.

Mountain biking in Australia is the best way to experience the natural beauty of a spectacularly breathtaking country. Leave the traditional Australian tours to the tourists, and unleash the adventurer in you by seeing the sites via mountain bike! You will come away with more rugged and authentic photos, and interesting tales of your Australian adventure.

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