Seasoning Your New Grill

by Fred
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Published on: August 12, 2011

Summer LivingNo Master of the Grill would dare call him or her self such without having an impressive variety of tools . There’s certainly no shortage of variety!
The truth here is: you don’t really have to put a lot of money into it, but there are a few that are simply, absolutely necessary for safety’s sake. Anything listed here as long-handled is pretty much a must-have. That is, unless you don’t mind singed eyebrows.

Long Handled Utensils

This includes at least…
* Two spatulas
* Two set s o f tongs ,
* Two long handled forks , and
* A long handled spoon ( for moistening me t o r pouring sauces over meat ) .
Why two? One for raw meat and one for cooked meat; to prevent cross-contamination.

Oven Mitts
‘Long Sleeved’ oven mitts are definitely needed
…and the thicker they are, the better!
Get high-quality mitts that will truly protect your hands and lower arms from the heat and fire.

Long Handled Hooks
These are used to open the lid of the grill or, to adjust the racks/grates when the grill is hot.              Absolutely essential safety tools!

Long Handled Brush
This is used for brushing meat & vegetables with sauce or oil. If you brush raw meat with the brush, you will need an extra brush for brushing cooked meat.

Basting Mop
This is much like a brush, but the end is made of cloth. Again, if you use it on raw meat, you will need two basting mops.

These are needed for vegetables and kabobs, and come in a wide variety of sizes. You should get a good selection, with at least ten of each size.
You have your choice of metal, wooden, or bamboo skewers. Just remember to soak the latter two for about 30 minutes prior to grilling so that they won’t burn.

All serious Grill Masters need at least one apron with their name on it; or one with your Grilling Hero’s name and logo. And don’t forget the matching chef’s hat.

Grilling Basket
These are used for small vegetables or pieces of meat that are likely to fall through the grate during cooking. This takes the place of chicken wire or metal type mesh.

Grill Press
These are used to hold meat closer to the grill and to help keep heat in.
These should be made of cast iron.

Grill Covers
Although this may not seem like an essential, if your grill is subject to weather, you will definitely want a cover for it. Keeping the grill covered when it isn’t in use will extend its life.

These are basically large (or small) injectors for injecting juices back into the meat as it is being cooked. Get several, and remember to not touch cooked meat with anything that has touched raw meat and not been washed thoroughly.

Chicken Sitters
These are used for barbequing whole chickens. The chicken essentially ‘sits’ on the metal holder to keep it from sitting directly on the grate, and for more even smoking.

Cutting Board
Most kitchens are already equipped with a cutting board, but some barbeque masters like their own cutting board, close to the pit. They will also want a set of professional knives to go along with the cutting board.

Smoker Box
These are mostly used on gas grills, but can be used on charcoal grills as well. They are essentially boxes that are filled with wood chips and placed on the grill, for the purpose of smoking the food.

This is different from a chicken stand. Rotisseries are easy to turn, so that the chicken can be cooked evenly on all sides.

Rib Racks
If you plan to cook ribs often, you will find that while these aren’t necessary, they definitely make the job much easier – especially when those ribs are getting so tender that they are falling apart!

Meat Markers
These are metal markers that are marked with words such as ‘rare’, ‘medium’, and ‘well-done’ among others, so that you can determine which meats are which when they are done.

Grill Toppers
These are similar to grill baskets, but they are open. These also take the place of chicken wire or metal type mesh.

Grill Lifters
while hooks can be used to move hot grates around, grill lifters were specifically designed for this purpose, offering greater control – but they do cost more than the hooks.

Chili Grill
These handy little devices hold chili peppers so they can be cooked on the grill without falling through the grates.

Meat Tenderizers
This doesn’t refer to spices that are called meat tenderizers. This refers to devices called meat tenderizers. Most kitchens are equipped with these – but some barbeque masters like to have their own…they not only want to master the fire, they also want to lord it over the meat!

These are similar to grill toppers, but work more like a pan than a basket. This makes it easy to cook anything you want to cook on the grill, without worrying about anything falling through.

Smoke Glasses
These glasses are actually considered an essential by many. When you open the top of the barbeque, you get inundated with smoke and come away with tears running down your face. These special glasses prevent that.

Sauce Pots
These are used for heating sauces on the barbeque. They are made to withstand fire and heat, more so than the ones that you would use in your kitchen.

Popcorn Poppers
Have you ever had popcorn popped on the barbeque? If not, you are really missing something great! These are excellent to have on camping trips.

Long Handled Seasoning Shakers
These aren’t essential if you season the meat before cooking – but if you season the meat during cooking, you definitely want at least two of these.

Grill Wipes
These are heavy duty disposable wipes that are designed specifically for cleaning grills. They aren’t essential, but they sure make the job easier.

Hot Dog Rotisseries
These aren’t necessary, but they make cooking hot dogs and sausages a great deal easier.

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