How to catch the fussy fish

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Published on: April 23, 2011

Striped Bass fishingBass fish at off seasons are fussy at times. When you fish around the weed lines, it is the time to cast your line. Your line should have a jig-and-pig, plastic worm, or a deep, fast moving crankbait attached. The lure will assist in retrieval, providing you have the lure matching the weed lines. You can also use shallow, fast moving crankbait.
To truly, appreciate bass fishing, and how to catch pernickety largemouth bass, anglers recommend that you learn about bass themselves. Bass include temperate bass, black bass, and game fish. The subcategories of bass include smallmouth, largemouth, redeye bass, spotted bass, etc, yet these bass are sisters to sunfish and family members of Centrarchidae. Smallmouth bass and their fry is often a blackish color, which is how black fish received its name.

Black bass is a popular catch, since these fish often strike willingly at a selection of lures, including the subsurface and surface lures. In addition, anglers enjoy the black bass, since the fish will tail walk, or jump once the angler hooks him.

Smallmouth and largemouth bass are popular in various areas of the world, including Canada, Texas, California, Florida, and so on. The actual bass or temperate bass include the yellow, white, and striped bass. Temperate bass derived from the family of Percichthyidae, which the group often spawns, producing a variety of small bass. Striped bass tend to spawn larger bass. Temperate bass enjoy swimming in rivers where the water is constantly moving. Unlike other bass, temperate bass will not use weeds, timber, etc, as cover; rather they prefer to keep their fins flapping.

Anglers enjoy the striped bass, since this group of fish tends to gather at schools frequently. Moreover, stripe bass will feast in groups, as well as gather around their food, such as baitfish. Stripe fish will then herd its food to the surface, preparing for attack. The striped bass will move from location after the next once it herds the baitfish to the surface, and attempts lashing at the fish.

Anadromous or striped bass spawn in freshwater, but spend most of their time at the sea. Striped bass are often caught in Tourneys since these bass can weigh up to 50 pounds. Surely, you can see Big Game Fishing!
Striped bass will also swim in fabricated waters, which the fish are commonly found in Florida, Georgia, and so on. Catching fussy bass is not easy, unless one learns strategies to reel them in to shore.

For instance, using heavy-duty jigs will cause bass to fight, or take flight. Trophy fishers have used 1/2 –ounce jigs, which include hook-guards combined with a number eleven attachment and a pork frog. The heavy lure attracted several three feet and eight feet bass, according to the expert. Anglers will use heavy jigs during summer and cool months, which in the summertime bass tend to attract to the jigs, especially those that have a fast sinking rate.

TIP: heavy lures will work wonders in bass structures where cover is present, such as weeds. Cast your line at slopping areas of the water, especially near drop-offs.
Anglers worldwide enjoy fly-fishing, game fishing, trophy fishing, sports, etc. No matter what their intentions however these anglers must learn strategies to assist them in catching a variety of bass, including fussy bass. If you are new to the game, you may want to learn more about bass fishing. Check out strategies, rods, lures, and how to- cast your line. You will find guides online that offer packages, which include training, tips, boats, lures, etc.

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