Gas Grill or Charcoal?

by Fred
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Published on: August 12, 2011
    grilling with charcoal Easy answer: Charcoal

You’ll never get that distinctly oh-so-wonderful flavor that the Grill was invented for in the first place by using a Gas Grill. Another advantage of the Charcoal Grill is that you can enhance the flavor by adding wood chips.

The ideal set-up is the combination Griller-Smoker. If your wallet or purse can swing it, you’ll never be sorry!

This is an investment in your future. Your entire reputation: as the only Cook on the block worth his or her weight in Prime Angus Beef, is on the line here. Buy the best Grill you can: one that is high-quality, sturdy, and with stout cast iron slabs that will stand the test of time; none of that flimsy throwaway stuff from the Dollar store.

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