The Cautions About Using Herbs

by Fred
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Published on: August 30, 2011

Although popularly looked upon as harmless, herbs taken without proper knowledge and supervision can have adverse and sometime serious effect on an individual. Having some knowledge about what the herb can do, how it effects in general and specifically and at what dosage is most important.

Also to be noted is that herbs should not be taken in place of ongoing medical treatments without the approval of the medical practitioner involved.

Some herbs when taken with other conventional medication can cause the medication to lose its usefulness and this may be detrimental to the individual who really needs the medically prescribed medication. Herbs can also alter the make up of some medication when ingested along with it. Thus instead of being an added value it becomes a problem instead. Therefore again medical advice should be sought before considering the line of treatment even if it is only a supplementary element.

Upon understanding and getting the approval from a medical practitioner, the dosage to take is also a very important item to consider. As the herb maybe new to the body system, taking it in large doses or too frequently may shock the system and at worse cause a complete shutdown. In some extreme cases death has been the result of ingesting unfamiliar herbs.

People who are easily influences should be especially weary and careful as to what herbs they buy. Many unscrupulous vendors will promote the positive side of their herbal products without ever disclosing the possible negative findings. In some cases the negative findings are played down so as not to frighten a potential customer off.

Sometimes instead of seeking medical advice immediately upon discovering an illness, ailment, or disease, the choice is made to embark upon trying to treat the condition with using herbs. This may cause the individual to lose precious time in arresting the negative condition or even worse cause further damage.

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